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Christa Elise Sanders

Christa Elise Sanders is an African-American who has worked in the field of international education for nearly a decade. She has traveled extensively, spanning four continents and visited over forty countries.  She currently resides in Accra, Ghana where she manages a study abroad program and dedicates the rest of her time to the Unknown Collection.

Throughout her time abroad she has developed a keen interest if not passion for the arts and crafts of the Diaspora.  Inspired particularly by the magnificent jewelry of the African continent, she has acquired a vast collection representative of the countries she has visited.

Unknown is a diverse collection of jewelry primarily from East and West Africa. The line represents the artisans Christa has encountered during her various travels who have undeniably extraordinary talent but are virtually “unknown” beyond their immediate borders. The idea of the line is to support local artisans and give them the recognition they deserve within the art world and beyond.  In the future, proceeds from sales will also benefit the artisans’ communities at large.  Donated funds will be channeled through local NGOs focused on education, health and environmental initiatives in the Sub-Saharan region.

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Left image: Tentacles of recycled glass beads and cowries
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